I have a few video conference consultation slots each week for those who want one-on-one time with me. I’m happy to assist you on any of the topics I cover on this blog, in conference talks, or in my courses, videos or open source projects. My fee for half an hour consultation is $100 USD, payable via PayPal.

Example topics I’ll be happy to help your company with:

  • Data understanding, data preparation and ML model selection advise
  • Advise on API design for machine learning model deployment
  • Advice on cloud configurations, deployment or scalability concerns in regard to Machine Learning model deployment and scaling
  • Assistance with Python, SQL, Flask, FastAPI
  • Advise on containarization for Python Apps, Machine Learning models and RestAPI
  • Troubleshooting code that does not work as intended (Pyhton or SQL)
  • Tutor you on any of the topics I regularly cover on my blog or in my courses

I’m also available to work for you on short/medium term projects, specially if they have an interesting or challenging aspect to them (Weekends and workdays after 16:00).

If you are interested in booking a video conference consultation with me, please select a convenient time on my calendar by clicking the button below:

Or, if you prefer to discuss your needs with me first, please contact me through any of my LinkedIn account.